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Written by Gary S Paxton & Fred A Macrae, Produced and Arranged by - Gary S Paxton, Published by Gary S Paxton (House of Paxton Music Press)Alley Oop, Hully Gully, Hinky Tonk, Yakety Yak, Sho' Know Alot About Love, The Bug Eyed Man, So Fine, You're Ruinin My Gladness, The Way I See It, You'll Always Be My Darling, Gun Totin' Critter Called Jack, The Lost ranger


01 Alley Oop
02 Hully Gully
03 Honky Tonk
04 Yakety Yak
05 Sho' Know A Lot About Love
06 The Bug Eyed Man
07 So Fine
08 You're Ruinin' My Gladness
09 The Way I See It
10 You'll Always Be My Darling
11 Gun-Totin' Critter Called Jack
12 The Lost Ranger

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Alley Oop by Gary S Paxton
& The Hollywood Argyles